• HamptonSlut: noun. 1) Someone who indulges in the Hamptons lifestyle even as others (those who summer in Connecticut, those on the Upper West Side) may not approve or may not understand, but the indulgers know they are right. 2) One who endures the abuse of the LIE, lines at overpriced restaurants, guest lists that you’re not on but of course that’s just a misunderstanding and you should be on, and other annoyances in pursuit of greater fabulousness. 3) FROM Slut: noun. An epithet of derision that has been redefined by the world of fashion as something cool and fabulous, “A fashionable woman can take those phallocentric terms of abuse like slut and slag and nasty girl and turn them into labels of postfeminist fabulousness. KATE SPICER 20003) ."

August 2004

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August 08, 2004



Speaking of being slutty, there is a new guy in town and I want more 411 on him. His name is Alan Donnes and he is living in Hamton Bays. I met him at UA East Hampton during Hamptons film fest. So handsome...tall, nice face, funny and produces movies. Ladies, he has the biggest most beautiful hands and his shoes looked bigger than any I have seen outside of the NBA. He had us all laughing and we all found our way to the screening he was going to. I tried to pounce him after the movie. Anyway, I got his name and that he lives in Hampton Bays. Anybody know more? How can I "accidentally" bump into him. If you know him or have slept with him...POST NOW!!!!


I know him, he lives in the Bays!! I've tried everything I can think of to get him to come over. He travels alot but I do talk to him by email. NICE! Anybody know how old he is?


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